Litter blight yards from local church


A veteran Creggan councillor has voiced his outrage at underage drinkers who left litter strewn just yards from St Mary’s Chapel.

SDLP Councillor Jim Clifford claims that the detritus left behind by youths in a park off Iniscarn Road is both dangerous and irresponsible, including broken bottles and dozens of beer cans.

Colr Clifford last night hit out at the youths responsible, asking: “What kind of parents allow their children to do this?”

“Young ones are drinking there all weekend long, just yards from St Mary’s Chapel, and they are leaving a terrible mess,” he said.

The Derry councillor claims to have personally witnessed children as young as 14 years-old involved in the ongoing anti-social behaviour.

“I am asking these young people to catch themselves on,” he said. “

They are creating an unbelievable mess and I condemn it totally.

“While community groups in the area are trying to sort out this problem, the young people continue to do this.

“It is a terrible, awful sight - you wouldn’t see this happening so close to a church anywhere else in Ireland.”