Little girl searches for folder bought by her late father

Lost Bag. . . . .DER3813JM029
Lost Bag. . . . .DER3813JM029

The mother of an eight years-old Derry girl whose father passed away two months ago has appealed to local people to help find a folder he bought for her before he died.

Little Katie Kelly and her twin sister Leah treasured the identical pink ‘Top Model’ folders their dad Patrick Kelly bought them when they started speech and drama classes this year.

The folders (Leah’s is pictured here) became even more precious to them after Patrick died while working in the city nine weeks ago.

However little Katie misplaced her folder when she was in town two Saturdays ago.

The family believe it may have been lost some place between the Millennium Forum and the Richmond Centre.

“The folder has no value,” explained their mum. “It’s the sentimental value of it and the fact that their Dad had bought it. I offered to replace the folder but Katie wants the folder he Daddy bought her. It means so much to her. It was a special present. The person who found it may not even realise how how precious it was to Katie.”

If anyone has found the folder or has any information they are asked to contact the ‘Journal’ on 71272259.