Little Grace set to steal the show again

The Walled City Tattoo's youngest performer, six-year-old Grace Kelly.
The Walled City Tattoo's youngest performer, six-year-old Grace Kelly.

With the return of the Walled City Tattoo only weeks away we speak to the shows youngest performer, little Grace Kelly and ask her thoughts on the weeks ahead and her involvement in Highland dancing.

1. What is your name and age? Where are you from and what act / group are you part of?

My name is Grace Kelly, I’m 6 and from Magheramason, Co Londonderry. I am part of the Walled City Tattoo Highland Dancers

2. Tell us about your act / group in 100 words.

The highland dancers are a group of over 100 dancers from all over Northern Ireland, we meet monthly to practice our routines in Bready CC as it has a large sports hall and is of similar size to Ebrington Square. I am a member of Sollus Highland Dancers but I have made lots of friends with other dancers from other dance schools. I have also met some Irish dancers too and they have taught me some of their steps.

3. How did you get involved in the act / group?

I am part of Sollus Highland dancers and this will be my second Walled City Tattoo I got involved by passing my audition and I have now been competing in highland dancing since the age of 4.

4. What is the best thing about being part of the act / group?

I have met lots of new friends at our rehearsals and it is always good to learn the new dances that Georgina (Highland Choreographer Georgina McCarter-Kee) has choreographed for us. I am also looking forward to the Tattoo itself as it is a very enjoyable week.

5. What has been your biggest challenge to date as part of the act / group.

Learning the new dance routines that we are doing this year.We have to learn loads of new steps and this year we are dancing to music that isn’t even bagpipes. We usually only dance to bagpipes at competitions.

6. What has been the best performance to date?

I look forward to seeing all the dancers in our costumes. Georgina is my cousin and our granny makes all the costumes so I sometimes get to try them on and make sure they look ok! Last year I loved dancing for lots of people.

7. What are you looking forward to about coming to Northern Ireland to perform at the Walled City Tattoo?

As I am from Northern Ireland I am looking forward to dancing again in front of over 15,000 people not just from Londonderry but from across our country and further afield.

8. And what are your plans when the Walled City Tattoo is over?

To keep on competing in highland dancing at beginner level which is a step up for me as I have been competing at primary level for the past 2/3 years, this means I have to keep on practising as I have extra dances to do in competitions.

am going to competing outside of Northern Ireland for the first time when we go to Disney Land, Paris. We will go with lots of the Sollus Highland Dancers where we will compete against dancers from all over the world at the International Gathering of Highland Dance.