Local anger at Burt’s mucky roads

Mucky roads in Burt are making driving conditions around the Inishowen village hazardous. And locals are also seriously annoyed that ‘there’s muck everyone’.

According to an angry motorist who contacted the Journal yesterday he had never seen ‘so much dirt and debris left on the roads’.

The clearly annoyed driver said: “In the last couple of weeks I have noticed the Slab Road and the main Derry to Letterkenny Road (N13) becoming increasingly muddy.

“However the Black Bridge Road (L1971), which leads to Inch nature reserve is definitely the worst.

“Parts of it are completely covered in muck. It is difficult to negotiate and extremely dangerous, especially in the rain. It is obvious that the clods of muck are being carried onto the public roads by tractors.

“I appreciate that farmers are under pressure with the potato harvest but I think they should be cleaning the roads to ensure that they are safe for other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Driving in the Burnfoot, Bridgend and Burt area is no pleasure at the moment.”

In an usual move it has been confirmed at least two complaints about the state of the Black Bridge Road have been received by Donegal County Council, the Journal has learned.

Mr Charlie Kerr, the senior executive road engineer in Inishowen said the council had spoken to the parties responsible for tractoring clay onto the Black Bridge Road.

He said: “The muck is now presenting a hazard for road users along a national primary route, the N13 to Letterkenny and Donegal County Council is obliged to act. We are currently following up the matter with the assistance of the Gardaí. We hope the matter will be resolved in the very near future.

“Any person causing material to be deposited on the public road, which may present a hazard to road users, is committing an offence under Section 13 (10) of the Roads Act 1993. Donegal County Council follows up such matters with the landowner concerned and may take a prosecution or exercise other powers under the act. The Gardaí has a role in enforcement also.”

Mr Kerr added: “Landowners causing a hazard by breaching the act may also face civil liability in the event of an accident caused by the issue. There are case histories of farmers who have been prosecuted in such instances.”

Gardai Inspector David Murphy said any complaints about agricultural or building contractors depositing unsafe material on roads are investigated.