Lochlainn’s dream trip

Comic-Con 2015 sold out in an hour.
Comic-Con 2015 sold out in an hour.

Social media campaign launched for thirteen-year-old

Thirteen-year-old Lochlainn Kelly from Buncrana has been planning a trip to Comic Con International in San Diego for the past two years.

The annual entertainment and comic convention has been his “be-all and end-all.”

On each of his birthdays for the last two years, he only asked for dollars to fund his trip, as he wanted to meet his heroes and also visit LA.

But Lochlainn, who has highly-functioning Asperger’s Syndrome, saw his dreams “come crashing down around him” last week when he failed to get a pass to the event.

His brother, Rory, has now started a social media campaign in a bid to get Lochlainn a pass or badge to the event, with hundreds of people sharing the hastag #LochlainnCon on twitter and appealing via facebook.

Rory told the Journal how his younger brother was so excited and woke early in the morning, ensuring everything was ready for the start of the sale.

However, demand was high and each 120 seconds, the page would refresh automatically.

Lochlainn - who has a “gobsmacking” talent for animation - and his family waited as the page refreshed 30 times before the event completely sold out.

His brother, Rory, told the Journal that Lochlainn “walked upstairs with sheer disappointment covering every single millimetre of his face.”

Rory said that Lochlainn has also deferred his visit to LA, deeming it “pointless.”

He adds that while he’s aware thousands of people may also be in the same boat as Lochlainn, he is “sure that the disappointment he is feeling will last ten times longer than anyone else’s.”

He added: “Everyone tastes disappointment and has to get over it at some stage. But spare a thought for my brother - his dreams have been taken away from him as quick as a candle being blown out.”

Rory’s plea, with the hashtag #LochlainnCon has already been shared across Twitter and Facebook.

Rory stressed there is no financial issue, they are just hoping to get Lochlainn a pass. He is hoping the people of Inishowen and Donegal will help out by sharing his plea across social media with the hashtag

#LochlainnCon to help Lochlainn’s 
“dreams come true.”

Comic-Con International takes place in San Diego 
in July.