Locky unveils new art work

'Long Sleeper' by Locky Morris.
'Long Sleeper' by Locky Morris.

Derry artist, Locky Morris, launched a new piece of art in Donegal this week.

Titled ‘Longsleeper’, was officially unveiled to the public at Oakfield Park in Raphoe.

Commissioned by Sir Gerry and Lady Heather Robinson, ‘Longsleeper’ was designed by Locky Morris, the artist who created the imposing Polestar sculpture in Letterkenny.

‘Longsleeper’ is made from 17 tons of oak and appears to perform visual and structural acrobatics.

Speaking to the Journal, Locky said he was delighted to be able to provide a piece of art that could be used in an area of such beauty.

“Oak is meant to make an obvious link with the name of the park but the dynamic revolving shape also echoes the spiral leaf arrangement on oak trees.

“I have visited the park in the past with my own young children and we were all knocked out with the place and especially its beautiful working railway and I tried to inject a sense of playfulness and lightness of touch to this very large and heavy structure.”

‘Longsleeper’ can also be clearly seen in perfect alignment with the middle of Oakfield Park House, 750 metres away in keeping with the Georgian design ethos and the gardens.