Lollipop guard survey for ‘dangerous junction’

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The Education Authority (EA) is to carry out a road traffic survey at the central Creggan roundabout to assess whether or not a lollipop guard is needed in the area.

Sinn Féin Councillor Kevin Campbell has been lobbying for a school crossing guard at what he described as the “very dangerous junction” at the top of Eastway.

He said: “Back in September I contacted the EA in regards to a number of complaints I received from residents and parents about the lack of a School Crossing Patrol Officer at the junction of Iniscarn Road and Eastway Road at the roundabout in the Creggan Estate. This is a very dangerous junction and the school children are at the discretion and good will of the drivers to allow them to cross the road.”

Colr. Campbell said the safety of the hundreds of pupils who use the junction needed to be ensured.

“This junction serves three schools, St. John’s Primary, St. Cecilia’s College and Bligh’s Lane nursery school, which are attended by hundreds of pupils. I asked the EA to look at allocating an officer there at peak times of the day.

“Historically there was always an officer at this junction but over the last number of years there hasn’t been one there leaving this area very dangerous for school children.

“The EA has now said that they will carry out a road traffic survey to see if they area meets the criteria and let me know in due in course.”