Long Tower priests set to return ‘home’

Priests in the Long Tower parish look set to return to their former home at Victoria Place, the ‘Journal’ has learned.

The priests have been based at the former Convent of Mercy in Pump Street for nearly five years now.

They were relocated to the city centre convent when a small community of Friars took up residence at Victoria Place in 2009.

However, the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal moved to their new home in Galliagh earlier this year.

This move then paved the way for the anticipated return of the Long Tower priests to their traditional home just off Abercorn Road.

One parishioner told the ‘Journal’ yesterday: “If this happens, as it should, then it is magnificent news. Victoria Place is their traditional home.”

The Long Tower priests - Father Eddie Gallagher and Father Brendan Gallagher - have publicly said they hope to return to Victoria Place.