Look out for Derry’s Ford driving Dohertys

Do you know a man called John Doherty who drives a Ford? Or a Mary McLaughlin who gets around in a Vauxhall?

Chances are if you live in Derry you do, according to government statistics.

New Department of Health figures show that Doherty is the most popular surname registered with GP surgeries this year - just ahead of McLaughlin and Kelly.

The Department of Health figures further show that when it comes to christian names, John is the most popular for a man, followed by James and William.

Mary is the most popular ladies’ christian name, with Margaret second and Catherine coming in at third.

‘Journal’ assistant news editor Mary McLaughlin - whose maiden name was Doherty - says she is not surprised both surnames are the most popular in Derry.

“Historically both Doherty and McLaughlin have always been synonymous with the North West of Ireland and with Derry. You would expect both to feature prominently. I’m sure I am not the only person in Derry with a foot in both camps.”

Meanwhile figures from the DVLNI show Ford and Vauxhall are Derry drivers’ favourite make of cars.In 2009, there were a total of 6,228 Fords on the Derry roads and 5,787 Vauxhalls. For the record the five most common makes of cars on the city’s roads in 2009 were:

Ford (6228)

Vauxhall (5787)

Volkswagen (4218)

Renault (3748)

Peugeot (3710)