Losing 180 euro a week is cruel

With Fianna Fail’s Rena Donaghey this week claiming she is aware that 1,500 farmers in Donegal are dependent on Farm Assist Payments Fine Gael’s ‘Black Mickey’ Doherty says it’s ‘cruel’ the way small farmers are being treated.

Colr Doherty said yesterday he was aware of one local farmer, a man with four children, whose income has been cut by 180 euro a week.

Colr Doherty said: “Some people in the farming community haven’t recovered from last year’s disaster. Even what they sell off now won’t cover their losses for last year.

“The cost of feedstuffs and diesel, for a simple example, are now sky high. Against this kind of background a poor man getting hit with a cut of 180 euro a week is cruel.”

Chairman of the IFA in Donegal William Monagle yesterday told the Journal while things have improved somewhat this year - particularly in regard to the fodder situation - the good weather has not meant universal improvement. He too said last year’s extended winter period had been ‘a disaster’ for many.