Lost Lough Derg pilgrims need not rely on St. Anthony alone following Transport NI intercession

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Pilgrims who have been regularly getting lost on their way to Lough Derg need not rely only on the intercession of St. Anthony in future after Transport NI agreed to erect new road signs to assist disoriented penitents.

Sinn Féin councillor Kieran McGuire said pilgrims were regularly losing their way on the road to St. Patrick’s Purgatory and that the erection of new signs at Killeter and on the Ballymongan Road will provide navigational, as well as spiritual, direction.

He said: “I have been lobbied by local people in regards to the need for directional signage to be provided for Lough Derg.

“The road that leads to Lough Derg, through Killeter and on up Ballymongan, is a border road which was closed for years, but with the road being open again people and pilgrims are getting lost and locals are having to direct them.”

The Killeter-based councillor asked tourism, arts and culture officers at the Council to liaise with Transport NI in an effort to have the problem addressed.

“So I now welcome confirmation I have received that in line with the signage that is already provided from Kesh, two directional signs to Lough Derg are now also going to be provided from Killeter and that the signs have now been ordered and are expected to be delivered and erected within the next four weeks,” he said.