Magee plan ‘absolutely wrong’

SDLP Foyle MP Mark Durkan has said it is “absolutely wrong” to use the expansion of higher education to make a political point.

Derry’s MP has further accused the Minister for Employment and Learning Dr Stephen Farry of “downright shabby politics” over his pronouncement that expansion of Magee in Derry is “off the table” indefinitely.

“There will be wide resentment that a Minister has lobbed the line ‘Magee expansion off the table indefinitely’ into the discussion on the budgetary fallout from the Treasury’s bullying fines on the block grant.

“It is shabby for Dr Farry to take the compelling case for expansion of Magee as a hostage in a budget debate where people need to see more principle and purpose from local ministers and less cynicism.”

The MP has asked the minister to outline his budget.