Maggie McKeever Phantasmagoria at Void

Maggie McKeever’s exhibition ‘Phantasmagoria’ will run at Void Community Space alongside the work of acclaimed London artist Polly Morgan.

Maggie McKeever graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting from the National College of Art and Design in 2009. Recent exhibitions include the Royal Dublin Society Student Art Awards (Dublin, 2009), Watergate Theatre (Kilkenny, 2010) and Michael Rosenthal Gallery (San Francisco, 2011).

McKeever’s paintings are concerned with the fragility of memory and perception, and notions of reality and illusion. Images such as old photographs that have been displaced from their intended purposes are dismantled and rebuilt through the processes of painting, creating scenes that may be at once familiar yet disorientating.

An element of chance plays an important part in the processes of making: areas of paint are concealed and revealed, emphasised and obliterated through the multiple layering of the surface. A sense of urgency pervades in these dreamlike scenes, as though they might change, fade or disappear at any time. They tell an open- ended tale, neither wanting to conclude nor elaborate. Their intriguing ambiguity generates infinite possibilities for personal interpretation.

This exhibition will run alongside Polly Morgan Dead Time at Void. All welcome Admission free.