Magic moment for Spurs fan Andrew (11)

Spurs fan Andrew Scott from Limavady with his shirt signed by his heroes on Sunday. (INJD-2105SJ70)
Spurs fan Andrew Scott from Limavady with his shirt signed by his heroes on Sunday. (INJD-2105SJ70)

An 11-year-old Limavady lad has described the moment he walked onto White Hart Lane as a Spurs mascot at the weekend as “fantastic”.

Limavady Central Primary School pupil Andrew Scott saw his dream come true when he was selected as a mascot for his favourite team, Tottenham Hotspur for their game against Sunderland on Sunday.

The Spurs mad fan met and saw his hero, Gareth Bale score his team’s only goal to secure victory during their last game of the season, to win 1-0.

“It was brilliant,” Andrew told the ‘Journal’.

“I was very excited, but I was quite nervous too. I got to meet Gareth Bale before the match, when he signed my shirt, and I told him I thought he would score and he said, ‘I hope so’ and he did!”

Andrew was accompanied to the big match by his mum Jillian, dad Graham, sister Claire and his uncle Mervyn.

“It was absolutely fantastic,” said Jillian. “The noise of the crowds was unbelievable. It was so overwhelming.”

Andrew didn’t know which player’s hand he would be holding until minutes before the players streamed onto the pitch.

“Before the match started we got to meet all the players and they signed our shirts. Then, just before the match started, we were in the tunnel and I got Aaron Lennon and I was very happy about that,” he said.

Andrew’s family had a perfect view of him as he made his debut on the pitch, seated in the fifth row from the front.

“We had a really clear view, and we were so proud,” said Jillian. “We even got to see Gareth Bale so close. I think Andrew was overwhelmed with everything. Meeting the players and seeing how tall they all are, and just being right in the middle of it all. It was fantastic.”

For Andrew the day was one of the best of his life, and he’ll never forget the electric atmosphere. He says he’ll always remember walking onto the pitch and feeling “how light the grass was”. It was the best time ever,” he added.