Malin Head dolphin displays delight

Four dolphins, pictured recently in the waters off Malin Head.
Four dolphins, pictured recently in the waters off Malin Head.

Marine experts have been left “stunned” by numerous pods of dolphins that have appeared in the waters off Malin Head in recent weeks.

Up to 50 Dolphin’s have been putting on marine displays for locals and tourists alike.

Last weekend, local businessman John Henry McLaughlin was taking corporate clients on a boat trip to Inishtrahull Island off Malin Head.

His passengers were from all over the world, visiting the area as part of Clipper 2014. John said: “After an enjoyable time on the island we were heading back to Greencastle only to be met by a group of eight Dolphins. It was amazing, they seemed to be ‘showing off’ in front of our eyes. One was jumping higher than the other.”

Oliver Farren, who is also from the area, was out fishing with a friend, who had two relatives home from England.

Oliver said: “All of a sudden we seemed to catch a lot of fish and then the next thing, we looked up and there were two dolphins right in front of us. Our two visitors screamed with excitement. They just couldn’t believe their eyes.”

Siobhan Kelly, from Inishowen Tourism stated: “This just adds to the delight of what a tourist hot spot Malin Head really is.”

She added: “Northern Lights in the winter months and dolphins in the summer - does it get any better than this?”

Siobhan pointed out how “tens of thousands” of people flock to Dingle each year to see the world-famous Fungi the dolphin.

She said: “This one dolphin seems to have made a home for himself in the waters off dingle peninsula with two separate boat companies doing daily tours out to see Fungi. We are spoilt for choice in Malin Head at the moment. Let’s hope Banba, Dockey and their extended family are here to stay.”