Malin Head’s Angie on Winning Streak

All eyes in Malin Head will be glued to the television this weekend as local woman Angie Doherty (Roddy) appears on ‘Winning Streak’.

Angie’s name was drawn from the prize drum last weekend and she will now compete on the top TV game show for a wealth of prizes.

Speaking to the ‘Journal’, Angie revealed her winnings will be split with her friend Billy McKeeney, as the two have a long-standing agreement.

She said: “We always buy Winning Streaks and the lotto and split any winnings or put each other’s names on the tickets. We have sent different tickets with three stars away on other occasions but nothing came of them. We sent this one around the time of my birthday at the start of July. Billy thought that might bring me luck, so we put my name on it. I never, ever thought it would be called out.”

Angie revealed she was in the shower when her name was announced on the show and said her phone hasn’t stopped ringing since.

She said: “My phone started ringing and ringing, but I was in the shower and couldn’t answer. The next thing, someone started hammering on the bathroom door and shouting: “You’ve been called out on Winning Streak.” The phone just kept on ringing and I had so many texts coming through. It was crazy but people have just been so good.”

Angie said she has received many good wishes and congratulations from customers at the Seaview Stores in Malin Head, where she works. It was also where the winning ticket was bought.

She quipped: “I didn’t get as many congratulations when I had my four children!”

Angie will travel to Dublin with a large contingent of her friends and family - and some of Billy’s as well - for the show on Saturday.

She joked that Billy is “shying out” of appearing and has offered to watch her dog, leaving her to face the cameras.

Angie added that she’s “ a bit nervous” about appearing on television but will be relying on the support of her friends and family. She said her four boys already know what they’d like to buy from her winnings and added that any winning amount at all “will be lovely.” Angie and Billy are a lucky combination as they previously won 1,080 euro on the Lotto. You can see if they match the success on RTE One at 8.15pm on Saturday.