Malin -Lagg storm damage

Sinn Fein candidate for the Inishowen Electoral Area Albert Doherty has called for immediate action from Donegal County Council following the extensive storm damage in the Lagg and Malin Head areas.

Speaking this week Mr. Doherty said: “As a result of recent storm weather the beach road and entrance to the beautiful five-fingers strand is now inaccessible and dangerous.

“ The amenity is used and enjoyed by visitors and locals alike.

“Immediate access repairs are required and Donegal County Council must be given access to funding and supports put in place by the Government to alleviate the impact of storm damage.”

“Another pressing issue is the reopening of the road from Kilourt via Gortnamullan toward the Malin Head shops which was completely destroyed in last week’s storms.”

The Sinff Fein candidate stated the lack of road access was having a significant impact on the livelihoods of many families now forced to make significant detours to access shops, schools or their place of work.

He went on: “The loss of the road is also having an impact on the local Sea Rovers football club, for playing and training as well as on visiting teams”

“Funding needs to be secured as a matter of urgency to repair and reopen this road. I will be liaising with my colleague Cllr Jack Murray and am urging all party co-operation on this vital issue.”

According to Donegal Co. Council engineers damage along the coast will cost well over a million euro to repair with a considerable sum need for Inishowen alone.