Man approached for information

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A Creggan man has claimed the PSNI offered him a box full of money in order to provide information on the activities of dissident republicans.

The man, who asked not to be named, was one of three men arrested during search operation in Creggan last month during which a handgun and a number of replica and deactivated handguns were discovered. He was later released pending a report to the Public Prosecution Service.

The Creggan man claimed that when he went to Strand Road PSNI station to collect items taken during the search he was approached by two police officers and asked to provide information. “They gave me a lottery ticket and said if it didn’t change my luck then they could.

“There was a delay and I had to go back the following week and while I was there the same two men came up to me. They opened the boot of a car and produced a box full of cash and told me there was £20,000 in it and that it was mine if I could help them. I told them I was not interested but I was very anxious about the whole thing,” he said. A PSNI spokesperson said they do not comment on intelligence matters.