Man arrested after Creggan Hill car crash

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A man was arrested yesterday evening after a pedestrian was struck by car and two cars collided with a house on Creggan Hill.

Police responded to reports from members of the public that shortly before 4pm, a burgundy coloured BMW knocked a pedestrian down on Creggan Hill. The BMW then struck a Ford Puma.

The driver of the BMW was male and left the scene of the incident moments after striking the other vehicle.

The female driver of the Ford had to be cut free from the car and was taken to Altnagelvin Hospital. The female driver of the Puma sustained injuries to her neck and back and although her condition is being described as serious her injuries are not thought to be life threatening.

It is thought the female driver was on her way to collect her child from Rosemount P.S. when the BMW struck the car she was in.

The driver of the BMW was later arrested by police on suspicion of a number of motoring offences and for an assault on police.

One local resident who lives feet away from where the incident took place said she witnessed the driver of the BMW leave the scene.

“I heard a really loud bang and came rushing outside. I saw the driver of the BMW emerge from the car. He then made off in the direction of Helen Street.”

The mother of two said her daughter had just arrived home from school moments before the incident.

“The two cars ended up on the footpath up against the house. My daughter had literally just arrived home from school before it happened. She walks on the side of the street the cars are on when she is coming home from school - it’s a miracle no one was killed here today,” she said.

Sinn Fein councillor for the area, Colly Kelly, said he hopes those injured in the incident make a speedy recovery.

“There was widespread shock after news of the accident spread. Creggan Hill is one the busiest roads in the city at that time of day. I hope everyone involved makes a speedy recovery.”

SDLP Councillor for area, Sean Carr, described the incident as “nasty” and said he hoped no one sustained serious injuries.

“This is a particularly nasty accident in which a car crashed into another vehicle just feet from houses near Helen Street.

“My thoughts are with those involved and we can only pray that no one has sustained any significant injuries. I will continue to liaise with the Emergency Services,” he said.