Man attacked with iron bars and house targeted in fire overnight


Police in Derry are appealing for information after a man was battered with iron bars and wheelie bins stacked against his house and set alight this morning.

The incidents happened in the Ballymagowan Avenue area of Creggan just after 12am.

Police said that at 12.03am this morning around five masked men entered the property with iron bars.

A man in his 30’s was assaulted and sustained injuries to his head and legs.

He was taken to Altnagelvin Hospital where it is believed his injuries are not life threatening.

Police are also investigating criminal damage to the property where it happened.

Just before 3 3am police received a report that wheelie bins were placed against the door and set alight, causing considerable damage to the property.

PSNI Chief Inspector Tony Callaghan said: “Police work diligently to find evidence to bring those responsible before the courts.

“Paramilitary-style attacks have a significant impact on local communities and PSNI work alongside local communities to being an end to this unacceptable violence.”

He added: “Those who are involved in paramilitary-style attacks do not represent the interests of any community nor contribute anything to it. Communities have a choice and it is clear that the vast majority of people here have chosen to support police and support law and order.

“Those small groups of individuals who continue to try and terrorise people and commit criminal acts must be isolated from communities.

“I appeal to the community to give us the information we need to bring the persons responsible for these brutal attacks to justice to contact police at Strand Road at 101 or Crimsetoppers on 08000555111.”