Man hospitalised after rugby match altercation

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One man was taken to Altnagelvin Hospital after an alleged assault during a rugby match at City of Derry Rugby Club on Saturday during the visit of Armagh RFC.

The PSNI and the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service (NIAS) arrived at the scene of the incident shortly after 4:00 p.m.

A PSNI spokesperson confirmed to the ‘Journal’ that they had received a report of an altercation in the grounds of City of Derry of Rugby Club.

“The incident involved two spectators from rival teams and two people sustained minor injuries. One was taken to hospital. At this stage, no formal complaints have been received,” said the spokesperson.

One of the men involved in the incident was treated at the scene.

“The NIAS responded to a call at City Of Derry Rugby Club on Saturday October 3, 2015 following reports that an elderly male had been assaulted,” a NIAS spokesperson told the ‘Journal.’

“The call was received at 16:02 and the crew arrived at the scene at 16:10. The patient was treated at the scene before being taken to Altnagelvin Hospital.”

A rugby fan who witnessed the incident and who did not wish to be named said he saw blood “streaming” from the face of one man.

“It all happened completely out of the blue. One minute I was watching the match and the next I saw two men fighting. One of the men had blood streaming from his eye and nose,” said the eye-witness.

“I saw two older men fighting with one another. The players from both teams then ran towards the incident. No one could leave until the police conducted their interviews - it was crazy,” the supporter added.

PRO for City of Derry RFC described what happened as a “non-incident” and said the person who phoned the emergency services had “over-reacted.”

He said: “It was a non incident as I witnessed it clearly. Two supporters, one from each team, were just giving one another a bit of banter all game,” said Mr. Dineen.

“It eventually ended in a bit of pushing and shoving and as they grappled they both fell over.

“Someone over-reacted and phoned the police and ambulance. Both parties involved continued their Saturday evening as they had planned.”

The ‘Journal’ understands that officials from the Armagh club met last night to discuss the incident.