Man saddled with pony after ‘doing a good turn’

A Greysteel man who rescued a pony running wild on a busy main road says he has been told the animal is now his responsibility, writes Sheena Jackson.

Anthony Magill lives on the busy Clooney Road in Greysteel. Last Sunday morning he was alerted to the pony running loose on the road.

Anthony Magill points to the abandoned pony he is now responsible for.

Anthony Magill points to the abandoned pony he is now responsible for.

“The pony was running mental up and down the main road, in front of cars and around behind cars,” explained Anthony.

“I opened the gate and chased it in to get it off the road.”

Anthony said he subsequently notified the police but said he has since been told “because I have had it on my property I am now responsible for it, but I just want rid of it”.

“It’s actually destroying my lawn,” said Anthony, who has since contacted animal welfare officials.

The abandoned pony

The abandoned pony

“Animal welfare have told me I have to put a notice on the gate for two weeks and, if no one collects it, then it becomes my property. I’m not able to look after a pony. I’ve no room for a pony.

“I was only trying to do a good turn so the pony wouldn’t get hurt, or cause an accident.”

Anthony, who said he has been told the animal is around one year old, said he has no idea what he’ll do if no one claims the pony after two weeks.

“According to what I’ve been told I’m stuck with a horse I don’t want,” he said, “so not unless I get someone to take a horse for free.

“I’ve this notice now and I have to keep it for two weeks and I can’t actually give it away either because if I give it away I can be done for theft.

“It’s a crazy situation,” said Anthony. “It’s ridiculous because you’re trying to do a good turn, but you end up penalised for it and stuck with a horse that doesn’t belong to you and you don’t want, and you’re stuck feeding it and looking after it.”