Manus Deery’s family renew call for inquiry

A candlelight vigil was due to be held in Derry last night to mark the 39th anniversary of the death of a Derry teenager shot dead by the British army.

15 year-old Manus Deery was shot dead on May 19th 1972 as he shared a bag of chips with some friends at Meenan Square in the Bogside.

Earlier that day the teenager had received his first pay packet.

The fatal shot was fired by a member of C company, 1st battalion, the Royal Welsh Fusiliers firing from the Derry Walls. At the time the British army claimed the soldier had opened fire after a gunman was seen in the area. No soldier has ever been prosecuted in connection with the shooting.

The teenager’s sister, Helen, has said the family are determined to fight for justice.

“It’s been 39 years now since the murder of my brother and to this day our family like many others have yet to obtain any sense of justice.

“Even after all these years I feel it’s a duty to both Manus and to my family, that my brother will not be forsaken.

“We will continue to fight for justice.

Ms Deery also called for a full investigation into her brother’s death.

“Following the murder of our Manus there was never any actual investigation or inquiry into the brutal murder of my brother.

“There was of course a ‘tea and sandwiches’ interview for the soldier that took our Manus’s life. Several witnesses to the murder that day have only been interviewed within the last number of years.

“It’s our belief that there are major inconsistencies in the reports involved and also in the original inquest into his death.

“The soldier involved, as many others, used the shield of their British uniform to murder innocent children with impunity. Those involved have hid behind their uniforms in an attempt to evade justice,” she said.