Marian Price release welcomed

Marian Price
Marian Price

Derry politicians have welcomed the release of high profile dissident republican Marian Price.

Ms Price was released today on health grounds following a meeting of parole commissioners.

Foyle SDLP MLA Pat Ramsey welcomed the decision of the commissioners. “The independent decision of the Parole Commissioners is to be welcomed given her serious ill health. Ms Price can now return to her family and recuperate.

“This was never a case about politics, it had human rights at its centre and this and other cases, regardless of political viewpoint should be seen as a human rights issue,” he said.

Foyle Sinn Féin MLA Raymond McCartney said the release of Ms Price was “long overdue.”

“Marian Price was not a threat to the public and her continued detention at the behest of the British Secretary of State was an affront to the justice system. She should never have been imprisoned in the first place.

“Re-imposing her life term licence, especially given that she was granted bail, was a vindictive and unjust decision and denied Ms. Price the entitlement to due legal process.

“Sinn Féin had made representations to the parole hearing and we are glad they have seen sense. This was a form of internment and was a threat to the Peace Process.

“The British Government has followed an agenda that saw Marian Price and still sees Martin Corey’s human rights abused. The next sensible and just move should be the immediate release of Martin Corey,” he said.

Betty Doherty from the Prison Crisis Group (PCG) also welcomed the release. “This is great news. It should have happened two years ago. The PCG has been in the forefront of the campaign throughout Marian’s internment. Many others have also been involved. We do not believe that Marian would be free had it not been for the campaign,” she said.