Marie Curie nurses make all the difference

Paul Henaghan
Paul Henaghan

Cancer sufferers in Northern Ireland are the most concerned in the United Kingdom about the effects of their illness on their families, according to Marie Curie Cancer Care.

That was the message from Marie Curie Cancer care as they appealed for volunteers from Derry to help on daffodil day later this month.

Research has shown that many people choose to spend their last days in the comfort of their own home rather than remain in hospital, and this is where the Marie Curie nurses come in.

“It is worrying about the impact going home will have on their families which worries people most,” says Paula Henaghan, nursing services area manager for Marie Curie.

“A recent survey showed that people in Northern Ireland are the most worried in the whole of the UK about that.

“But the care provided by the Marie Curie nurses is a benefit to the families as well. Each case is assessed differently and it is then decided what is best for the patient.

“It is important for people to remember that the kind of care which is provided in hospitals can be provided by Marie Curie nurses in the home as well.”

Last year Marie Curie nurses provided a total of 7,341 hours of care to people with cancer and other terminal illnesses. But they need to raise £217,000 to fund the care programme this year and are dependent, to a large degree, on fund-raising initiatives by volunteers.

The Bloomin’ Great Tea Party is being held in June this year as one of its main fund-raisers.

“Every tea party, however big or small, will help Marie Curie Nurses care for people with terminal illnesses,” says Paula.

“Thousands of tea parties take place in homes, village halls, gardens, clubs, work places and schools during the summer.”

The Great Daffodil Appeal is the charity’s flagship appeal and takes place every March. The aim is to offer everyone the opportunity to donate for a daffodil and wear it in support of Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Thousands of volunteers are needed each year to make it a success. Anyone who help in Derry on April 2 can contact 08456013107 or visit