Marie Louise takes to the small screen

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Derry’s own Marie Louise Muir is set to take the helm on a new monthly arts programme, which has its debut on BBC 2 this Thursday night at 8pm.

The BBC presenter, who has been the voice behind Radio Ulster’s nightly Arts Extra programme for the last eight years, described the move into TV as her “dream job” and said she is very much looking forward to making the arts more accessible for all.

“The thing about the Arts Show is that it does what it says on the tin,” Marie Louise said. “It will be about profiling people from the creative industries - both those who have been recognised internationally for their talent and contribution to the arts and, as we progress, those who are working on the ground in arts and culture throughout Northern Ireland.”

In the first edition of the show, Marie Louise profiles Oscar-winning director Terry George, who worked on Northern Ireland-based movie ‘The Shore’.

A future episode will see her talk with actor Adrian Dunbar - but she is determined to recognise people working at all levels of the arts.

“What we want to do is connect with people - to showcase the arts in an accessible way - with humour and warmth. We want to appeal to a wide audience. I believe that everyone has a connection with arts and culture in their own way.”

Marie Louise hopes to be able to use the TV format to also showcase all that her home city has to offer in 2013.