Mark H Durkan launches Slide On

Environment Minister Mark H Durkan was glad he keeps in shape when he stripped off to pose with some models on Derry’s historic walls.

The Minister was back in his home town to launch the big charity fundraising event that everyone is talking about - Cancer Research UK’s Slide On.

Mark H Durkan launches Slide On

Mark H Durkan launches Slide On

The innovative initiative will see people raise funds to slide down a giant water slide on what is believed to be the steepest main shopping street in Europe.

There’s an old Derry tongue-twister that says ‘Shipquay Street’s a slippery street to slide upon’ and that will come true in style when Cancer Research UK host Slide On on September 6-7.

Minister Durkan, who made a real splash at the launch when he posed with the models and then got soaked, said Derry people are always prepared to make ‘eejits’ of themselves for a good cause.

The Derry Journal is proud to have been asked to act as media partners of the event which has really caught the imagination of the public.

We have been campaigning to raise awareness of how cancer can be beaten if people heed the warning signs.

Slide On is designed to send the message to cancer - slide on!