Mark is a psychic to the 'stars'

Limavady psychic to the stars Mark McFeely says his "gift" can be draining at times, but it's so much part of him he can't ever imagine not practicing it.

The 44 year-old dad of two - who has met and done readings for several Hollywood actors (although he refused to reveal their names) says he knew he had “something” when he was a child. He has conducted readings for thousands of people in all kinds of places, including - on one occasion - a wake. He says the most popular requests are from women who want to know if they’ll meet a man or have a child.

“I get that steady,” says Mark, who stresses he always tells people the truth because “he has a duty to. I tell them how I see it. First I would ask questions and then if I feel I am going down the right line I’ll say, ‘watch out for certain things’. I try to be responsible. I suppose I try to people more than anything.”

Mark, who was in the business for 10 years, was asked last week to send positive energy Grand National winner AP McCoy.

Grand National

“I channelled my energy towards McCoy and I knew he would win. He was successful for two reasons - first because he wanted to win and because of the energy sent to him,” said Mark, who used to be a showjumper.

After chatting about it with his wife, Valerie, Mark put money on McCoy and bagged 120.

In general, he says his gift doesn’t make him rich, but he gets by.

“This is just part of me,” explained Mark.

“I try to do it out of integrity, from my heart.”

Mark practices in Derry at the Healing Arts in London Street. Call him at (71) 363860 or view his website at