Massive electricity outage in Inishowen

There was a major power outage in the Buncrana and surrounding areas yesterday morning

More than 1,000 homes and businesses had been left without power.

The outage began at 11am and was, originally, expected to last until after 3pm.

Because of the outage a considerable number of shops and restaurants were forced to shut their doors.

As well as businesses, other facilities such as banklink machines had been turned off.

It is also believed that areas around Muff were affected.

Power returned to the areas just before 1pm.

Burt native, Kathleen Grant who was in the area told the ‘Journal’ said one young lady was particularly unlucky.

Said Kathleen: “We were passing a hairdressing shop when she came out. One half of her hair had been dyed and just as they were about to do the rest the electricity went. She was going home to wash it all all out.”