Maurice Harron to create Galliagh sculpture

Renowned Derry sculptor Maurice Harron is to create a public art work in Galliagh.

Plans for the Galliagh Development Trust project have been unveiled in an application to the Planning Service.

According to the plans, the proposed sculpture for Galliagh Road Roundabout - which is near St Joseph’s Church - will measure 5.5 metres high.

Mr Harron explained that the inspiration for the art work centered around an “idea of a time caspsule”.

He said: “It’ll be about 16 to 18 feet high and involves four children holding a diamond shape which contains hundreds of messages from local children and adults engraved in stainless steel. The Galliagh Development Trust worked with St Brigids, St Therese’s and St Paul’s primary schools as well as two nursery groups, a local women’s group and local residents to make up the messages. So, all in all, a real cross-section of the community was involved in the project.”

In 1998, Mr Harron set up his own studio and began producing large scale works in bronze, stainless steel, aluminium, stone and fibreglass. He has created several sculptures around Derry including the iconic “Hands Across the Divide” public artwork at Carlisle Circus.