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The PSNI have issued an unreserved apology to the Mayor of Derry, councillor Kevin Campbell, and admitted they made a mistake following a raid on his home last month.

The apology was made at a private meeting between the mayor, his wife, and senior police officers, including District Commander Stephen Martin and Assistant Chief Constable Dave Jones, yesterday afternoon. The PSNI then issued a public apology to the mayor over the issue.

The move follows a series of meetings between Sinn Féin and the PSNI in the aftermath of the July 13th raid, when police officers raided colr. Campbell’s Creggan home.

The mayor welcomed the apology and said it will assist efforts to restore confidence in the police in Creggan.

“This decision by the PSNI to issue an unreserved and unconditional apology to myself and my wife and family for the indignity and trauma inflicted on us by this unwarranted raid on our home vindicates what I said at the time: the PSNI got it wrong and should publicly admit their mistake.

“I believe that this outcome was imperative if we are to rebuild public confidence and continue to develop accountable and transparent policing in our community.”

Apologising to the mayor, ACC Dave Jones said; “We made a mistake and we are deeply sorry for the distress caused to Councillor Campbell and his family which we recognise was personally traumatic and also embarrassing in his role as First Citizen. We fully accept the Mayor was not involved in the matters we were investigating that evening. On behalf of the Chief Constable, I unequivocally apologise for what took place at the Mayor’s home on the 12th July.”

The Assistant Chief Constable also said the PSNI actions amounted to “us letting down the people of Derry”.