Mayor greets Clipper in Singapore

The Derry clipper is performing well in the 2013-2014 global challenge.
The Derry clipper is performing well in the 2013-2014 global challenge.

Mayor Martin Reilly met the Derry crew in Singapore.

Sean McCarter and Mayor Martin Reilly hooked up when the ‘Derry-Londonderry-Doire’ boat arrived in the south east Asian city last week.

The Derry yacht is currently in third place in the global race with 69 points.

“To be welcomed in by the Mayor of Derry-Londonderry is fantastic,” said Sean. “It is very nice to be here and have a welcome committee.”

Sean and his crew bumped into a delegation from Derry which is in Singapore to drum up support for the city which will host the clipper yachts during a maritime festival this summer.

Turning to the Brisbane-Singapore race, Sean said: “The race was a cross between challenging and frustrating. We did really well in the first section up the coast of Australia. We pushed really hard and got the three Scoring Gate points which took the pressure off slightly and turned out to be a godsend to us later in the race.

“We were doing really well right up to the last few days when we continued to fall down the leaderboard.

“It was a very tricky race overall. As we turned round the south end of Papua New Guinea, it was anything and everything. From thunder squalls, no wind, too much wind, more thunder squalls, lightning hitting the boat to blazing sun with zero wind at all. It turned out to be a lottery at times.” to be a lottery at times.

Crew member Susie Redhouse describes her race experience as “amazing”.

“It’s an absolute test of us all as racing crew and one we can all be proud to look back on and say we were part of,” she added.

“On board, the mood is good - who wouldn’t enjoy being on a 70 foot racing yacht with a great bunch of friends in the sunshine?”

Susie says books and movies are being shared around and she’s working on preparing a round of quiz nights.

“My iPod is being worked to exhaustion and I am beginning to worry that it will soon run out of playlists to keep the tunes varied.”

Another member of the crew, Michelle Porter, says as much as she loves “every aspect of this 11 month adventure, every inch of my body is in need” of the Singapore stopover.

“The relentlessness of this constant feeling of exhaustion is starting to tint some of my picture perfect memories,” she adds. “A few luxuries for a few days are just what this girl is in need of.”

From June 21-29 this year, Derry will welcome the 12 strong fleet of Clipper 70 yachts into the Foyle including the Derry entry.

Derry is due to field an entry in the 2015-2016 race.