McAlliskey tribute to Price

Veteran civil rights campaigner Bernadette McAlliskey paid an emotional tribute to former IRA member Delours Price who died on Friday.

Speaking at the Bloody Sunday commemoration march at Free Derry Corner, Ms McAlliskey said that the state had “hounded” the 63 year-old all of her life.

“Delours Price cannot be harmed by this state anymore. She is now gone. The Minister of Justice, David Ford, with a stroke of a pen could release her sister, with whom she suffered so much,” she said.

Ms McAlliskey also became emotional when talking about the forced feeding the Price sisters were subjected to while on hunger strike in English jails in the early 1970s.

Delours Price was found dead at her home in Dublin on Friday and was buried in west Belfast yesterday. Marian Price was released from prison for four hours on Sunday to attend her sister’s wake following interventions from Assembly members Pat Ramsey and Jennifer McCann. She returned to prison before yesterday’s funeral.