McCartney congratulates Galloway

Foyle Sinn F�in MLA Raymond McCartney pictured with George Galloway. (0304MM08)
Foyle Sinn F�in MLA Raymond McCartney pictured with George Galloway. (0304MM08)

Foyle Sinn Féin MLA has congratulated George Galloway on his shock election as the new MP for Bradford West last week.

Mr McCartney, who spoke alongside Mr Galloway at an event in Derry recently, said British politics will be “livelier” as a result of his election.

Mr Galloway is a frequent visitor to Derry and has spoken at a number of debates and public meetings in the city in recent years. He also supported Martin McGuinness in his bid for the presidency last year.

During his last visit to the city, to launch his book, ‘Open Season’ about Glasgow Celtic manager Neil Lennon, the Scottish-born MP was introduced to speak by Mr McCartney.

Speaking following by-election victory, Mr McCartney said; “George’s result in the Bradford West by-election not only has taken media commentators by surprise it has also sent a clear message to the British Government.

“It shows just how of touch the Tories and Labour are from the mood of the general public. Question Time will certainly be a lot livelier now with George about.”

Mr Galloway also his election sends a message to the government. “This is a rejection of the mainstream parties with their Tweedledee, Tweedledum, Tweedledee-and-a-half approach.

“It was people saying they want political leaders they can believe in, who say what they mean, do what they say and don’t lie to people. We don’t say one thing to one set of people and something else to another,” he said.