McDermott elected on first count in Inishowen

Martin McDermott, pictured with  his wife Sheila.
Martin McDermott, pictured with his wife Sheila.
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Fianna Fail’s Martin McDermott has topped the poll in Inishowen.

The first-time candidate was elected on the first count, which was declared just before 6.30pm.

McDermott polled 2,002 votes, well over the quota of 1,600.

The total electorate in Inishowen was 30,653, with the total poll 16,209. Spoiled votes were 212, leaving the total valid poll at 15,997.

McDermott declared he was “very excited” to be representing the people of Inishowen.

Each canidates’ votes, as Inishowen as declared was: Paul Canning (FF), 1318; Nicholas Crossan,(Ind) 1,252; Albert Doherty,(SF) 1,399; Mickey Doherty, (FG) 638; Rena Donaghey, (FF) 1,139; Martin Farren, (Lab) 1,038; Paul Ferguson,(Ind) 93; Eilis Haden, (Direct Democracy Ireland) 106; Patrick McCarroll, (Ind) 555; Mary McCauley, (FF) 516; Martin McDermott,(FF) 2002; Bernard McGuinness, (FG) 1180; Ciaran McLaughlin, (SF) 980; Peter McLaughlin, (FG) 359; Joe Murphy, (People Before Profit) 601; Jack Murray, (SF) 1,476; John Ryan, (FG) 1,103; Ryan Stewart,(Ind) 332.