McGuinness: ‘Rocket threat will not deter me’

Martin McGuinness.
Martin McGuinness.

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has said he will not be deterred in his work by those plotting to launch a rocket attack against him.

The Derry native vowed that he would continue to serve everyone in the community after being made aware of the threat against him.

Revealing details about the suspected plot, believed to have been hatched by dissident Republicans the Continuity IRA, Sinn Fein MLA Mr McGuinness said:

“I have been made aware the PSNI has discovered a plan to launch a rocket attack against me.

“The PSNI has said that a group calling itself ‘CIRA’ considered an attack against me using a rocket launcher.

“I will not be silenced or deterred. These people are only interested in plunging us back into the past.

“If those behind this threat think they have ability to destroy the peace agreements which have been endorsed by the overwhelming majority of the people of Ireland then they are clearly detached from reality.”

Mr McGuinness said those behind the threat “need to wise up” and “listen to the people of Ireland and abandon these futile actions”.

He added: “This threat will not stop me or anyone in Sinn Féin from our work in representing everyone in our society and continuing to pursue our political objectives.”

A PSNI spokesman meanwhile said: “Police do not comment on the security of individuals.

“Where we receive information that a person needs to review their personal security we take appropriate steps to inform them. We never ignore anything that may put an individual at risk.

“No inference should be drawn from this.”