McGuinness still under dissident threat - Sinn Fein

Photo Lorcan Doherty Photography
Photo Lorcan Doherty Photography

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has again been warned of dissident republican threats against him, a Sinn Fein colleague has said.

Derry MLA Raymond McCartney said police notified Mr McGuinness over the weekend of the continued threat.

“Over the weekend Martin McGuinness was informed by the PSNI that anti-peace process elements in the city are attempting to ‘stoke up young people to attack and take him out’,” Mr McCartney said.

“It is claimed that they have been keeping watch on him and his movements. This threat is consistent with the recent paint bomb attack and the verbal attack on Martin’s wife Bernie outside the family home recently .

“Obviously any indication of threat has to be taken seriously. While Martin McGuinness and other republican leaders have previously received many threats that have not become public there are times when in political leadership staying silent is not an option. But republicans will not be silenced by threats like this.”

Mr McCartney continued:“It is deeply concerning that this particular threat is linked to manipulation of young people. Sinn Féin is very sure of what we are about and the direction that we want to take our young people. We will not be deflected by those who wish to remain in the past.

“I am also sure that it is the path shared by republicans across the island who are genuinely committed to building a new, agreed united Ireland.”