McGuinness supports ‘yes’ campaign for marriage equality

Martin McGuinness.
Martin McGuinness.

The Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has thrown his weight behind the campaign for a yes vote in favour of marriage equality in the south of Ireland.

Mr. McGuinness has, this morning, commended the progress made in LGBT rights across the island of Ireland and he also welcomed the the Asher’s Bakery judgement as a victory against discrimination.

The Deputy First Minister said: “Living in Derry I don’t have a vote in the upcoming marriage equality referendum, but if I had, I would be voting ‘yes.’ I would vote ‘yes’ so that people are treated with the respect they deserve. I would vote ‘yes’ for equality.

“Sinn Féin has long been a vocal and political advocate of LGBT rights. We have been campaigning vigorously across the 26 counties for marriage equality. Marriage equality is a necessary step on our road towards an Ireland of equals. Every vote is vital and I urge all those who can vote to exercise that right and ensure that everyone, gay or straight is afforded the same dignity, rights and respect.

“It is heartening as a result to see the positive outcome of the Asher’s Bakery judgement. Gay people for far too long have been discriminated against. Here those very rights have been restored. It is a good day for the North of Ireland and we will continue to work to build on that.

“It is my hope now that the result in the Marriage Equality Referendum will be similarly positive and that we see a victory for tolerance, respect and equality.”