McKeever appeals for repairof flood damaged bridge

SDLP councillor Jim McKeever has called on the Forest Service to repair a bridge damaged in last year's flooding in Eglinton.

Thursday, 8th March 2018, 8:00 pm

Muff Glen Forest, half a mile south of Eglinton, experienced extensive flooding in August 2017 and the pedestrian bridge has been closed ever since due to safety concerns.

Colr. McKeever said: “Last year’s floods caused great disruption and damage throughout the Eglinton area. People were forced from their homes and businesses had to close their doors, but thankfully six months later things are returning to normal.

“Unfortunately, Muff Glen Forest, a popular destination for local residents, is still feeling the effects of the flooding. The pedestrian footbridge suffered extensive damage and has been closed ever since.

“The forest walk is a loop and the footbridge forms part of that loop.

“Without the bridge in place, visitors to the forest have restricted access to the beautiful surroundings.”