Meals on wheels will not be frozen

The Western Trust will not be switching to frozen meals on wheels.
The Western Trust will not be switching to frozen meals on wheels.
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The Western Trust has rejected any plans to change the current Meals on Wheels service to providing clients with frozen dinners.

At yesterday’s monthly meeting of the Western Health and Social Care Trust Board plans for the reform of the community wheels service were outlined - however the Trust was told there are no plans to change the current service to a frozen meal one.

Proposals included changing the service to a cook fresh, cook chill and cook frozen version, which would have meant that clients were given frozen meals 14 days in advance.

Alan Corey Finn Director of Primary Care and Older People’s Services said the frozen option had been rejected as client feedback had been against it.

“We were told that the personal contact people got when the meals were delivered meant it was a much valued service,” he said.

“Nutritionally the meals are sound but it’s clear that this service is more than just a meal.

“It’s the personal touch.”

Non executive director of the board Stella Cummings said she was delighted that the Trust was not going with the frozen meal option.

“I have seen the isolation that it has cased in other areas,” she said.

“It may have caused more expense because we would have to provide the microwaves.”

“We may also have had to buy freezers for the meals,” said Mr Corey Finn.