Meeting to address ‘boy racers’ issue

Sinn Fein Councillor Mickey Cooper.
Sinn Fein Councillor Mickey Cooper.

Sinn Féin Councillor Mickey Cooper has confirmed he is in the process of organising a meeting with residents and the PSNI on the issue of ‘boy racers’ on Derry’s Strand Road.

Councillor Cooper said the meeting was set up to discuss how residents can report ‘boy racer’ incidents in the most effective way.

He said that during the meeting residents will have the chance to address other traffic issues in the area.

Residents have been asking for years for measures to address the problem of irresponsible driving in their area.

This has resulted in CCTV being erected in the Lower Strand area as well as other initiatives to deal with the problem.

Councillor Cooper added: “A large body of work has been going on for a number of years to try and address the problem of ‘boy racers’ in the Lower Strand Road area of Derry.

“Central to that is been the input of local residents. They are the people who have to live with the late night problems.

Now that CCTV has been installed we have to move to the next stage where residents and the police are working together to ensure that incidents are both reported and also followed up in the most effective way by the PSNI.”

Outlining the other issues which are to be discussed at the meeting with police and local residents, Councillor Cooper went on: “The meeting will also allocate time to discuss the implementing of initiatives to allow residents to report parking infringements much more effectively similar to schemes I have secured for other areas.

“I will make a point of informing residents of the time and date of the meeting and would urge them to come along.