Melaugh picture exhibition to raise funds for India

An Action with Effect feeding station in India. (2803MM20)
An Action with Effect feeding station in India. (2803MM20)

Derry charity campaigner Eamon Melaugh is exhibiting photographs in two of the city’s libraries to raise funds for destitute children in India.

The exhibitions are currently taking place in the Central Library, Foyle Street, and Shantallow Library, Racecourse Road.

All of the pictures in both exhibitions are available to buy and the proceeds from the sale will go directly to Mr Melaugh’s charity, Action with Effect.

Each picture, many of which were taken during the veteran campaigner’s travels to India for his charitable work, is numbered and people will have the opportunity to buy the pictures at the end of the exhibition.

“I have many hundreds of photographs taken over the years and have had various exhibitions in Derry but this, to my knowledge, is the first time there has been a simultaneous exhibition on both the Central and Shantallow libraries,” he said.

Mr Melaugh said the exhibition will also provide funds for the work of Action with Effect.

“Each photo in the exhibition will have its own unique number and people will be able to purchase the pictures and pick them up when it finishes.

“The pictures are £5 each, which is not an extraordinarily large amount here but that £5 will allow me to clothe a child and buy them a substantial meal in some of the poorest communities in India.

“Anyone who know how I operate will know that every penny I raise here will go directly to helping those most in need.

“By buying a picture people here can fulfil the basic tenants of charity by feeding the hungry and clothing the naked,” he said.

The well known Derry man and photographer, who has been taking photographs for decades, also said some of the pictures in the exhibition have been digitally altered.

“The exhibition contains a mix of straightforward photographs with a range of subjects but it also contains pictures which have been digitally converted to appear like paintings.

“Even though they were taken as photographs anyone looking at them would think they are paintings so that brings something unique to the exhibitions,” he said.

Mr Melaugh encouraged local people to buy the photographs and support the charity.

“Anyone who wants to purchase a picture can simply take a note of the number and contact the Action with Effect office on Bishop Street on 028 71364029 where the picture can be bought.