Mellon bids to be first female independent

Pauline Mellon. (0503PG53)
Pauline Mellon. (0503PG53)

Galliagh woman Pauline Mellon has launched her bid to become the first female independent candidate to be elected to Derry City Council.

Ms Mellon led campaigns against Derry City Council last year following the decision to build a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) in Galliagh.

She said she believes that residents had not been properly consulted about the development.

Ms Mellon said her involvement in that and other protests prompted her to stand as an independent candidate.

“I believe that party politics do not adequately serve our people at a local government level. Councillors have to follow their party line or the ‘offending’ councillor can face censure by their organisation.

“This is where I am different. I have no party to answer to. I will be accountable only to the electorate. If someone contacts me I will ensure that they get the service they are entitled to.

“I will stand with the community as I have done over the past number of years in Galliagh, at Foyleville and even outside the Council offices in support of Council workers who were suspended,” she said.

Ms Mellon has said she will bring accountability to her role if she is elected. “I believe in openness, honesty and accountability. As someone who has been made to jump through hurdles to try and get answers from Derry City Council and other organisations, I will use the position as councillor to make sure that people can question the ‘powers that be’ and get the answers and service they are entitled to,” she explained.

The Galliagh woman also acknowledged that being a councillor would involve having to make difficult decisions. “I am a realist and see no point in making promises that I would be unable to keep. I also understand that at times I will make decisions that people may be unhappy with. But I will explain my reasons for making a decision and I will give honest consideration to the opinions, views and feelings of everyone who stands to be affected by any decision,” she said.