‘Men tried to snatch my daughter’

A mother from the Top of the Hill area has urged parents to be vigilant following an alleged attempted abduction of her six year-old daughter.

Michelle McCann claimed her daughter was walking from a friend’s house to her Camelia Court home at around 9pm on Sunday night when a van containing two men pulled up alongside her.

Ms McCann said one of the men spoke to her daughter and when she ran off he got out and chased her for a short distance.

“She had walked a friend home and was coming back to the house when it happened,” she said.

“Thankfully she managed to run away but the whole incident has left us terrified.

“She’s only a dainty little thing and she came home to me in tears and told me about it. She’s had trouble sleeping since it happened.

“I was shocked and couldn’t believe what had happened. It’s the last thing you expect.

“I have always warned her about the dangers of strangers and thankfully she did the right thing and ran away when the van stopped but I dread to think what could have happened.

“I just moved to the area from Dublin last year and I normally don’t let her out and people ask me why I’m so cautious but I was always worried about something like this happening,” she said.

Ms McCann also said she is now afraid to allow her daughter outside. “You read in the papers about things like this happening and hear it on the news but you don’t ever think it will come to your own front door.

“I’ve been left sickened about the thought of what could have happened to her. It is every parent’s worst nightmare. I just keep thinking about what might have happened. It is the most frightening and horrible thing that can happen,” she said.

The concerned mother said she wanted to alert other parents in the area and urge them to be vigilant.

“There are a lot of kids in this area and I want to make people aware of what could happen and the dangers that could be out there. I would like parents to talk to their children and tell them what do if anything like this happens, not to make them frightened, but to make them aware and to tell them what to do if something does happen,” the mother said yesterday.