Mental Health awareness event in Feeny

Sinn Féin Councillor Tony McCaul has urged members of the local communtiy to attend a Mental Health awareness event taking place in the Feeny community Association on Wednesday 26th October at 7PM until 9PM.

Councillor McCaul said “I would like to encourage everyone to come along to this event and avail of the information stalls that are being provided by some of the mental health user and awareness groups such as Lifeline, Latch, Mind youself, Hurt, Zest, Surestart, Hands that Talk, Aurora Counselling, Aware Defeat Depression and The Samaritans. Mental health issues can affect one in four people during the course of their lives and we need to promote discussion and awareness of mental health and get this vital information out there of the kind of help that is available to those who may need it.

“There is a stigma attached to mental health issues but by promoting and education and awareness of mental health, it is hoped that we can eradicate this stigma and that we can help to shatter the silence that can surround it.

No one should suffer alone or in silence so please come along to the event and you will find out some information that may come in useful either for youself, relatives, friends or work colleagues. If you would like any more information regarding the event please contact me at the Sinn Fein office on 77742488”.