MEP hosts Irish unity conference in Brussels

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Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson will host a conference on Irish reunification in Brussels tomorrow.

The ‘Reuniting Ireland: Lessons from Europe’ conference will take place in the European Parliament building and will include a range of speakers from across Europe.

“As part of the ongoing debate on uniting Ireland and building a New Republic I will host a conference in Brussels tomorrow where we will hear from speakers from other countries which experienced partition,” Ms Anderson said.

“As well as speakers from Germany and Cyprus we will hear analysis from a range of academics and economists on the effects of partition on a country’s economy and how economic and political self-determination would impact on the general lives of citizens.

“I look forward to the discussion and to the lessons that we can learn from other countries experiences.”

The event will be addressed be opened by Gabi Zimmer, the president of the GUE/NGL grouping in the European Parliament which Ms Anderson belongs to.

MEPs and academics from Germany and Cyprus will share their experiences of reunification and partition in a session chaired by Cypriot MEP Takis Hadjigigeourgiou.

Sinn Féin MP Conor Murphy will then chair a discussion entitled ‘Irish reunification: challenges, processes and the case for unity.’

This will include contributions from Ruth Tallion from the Centre for Cross Border Studies, Gerard McCann from St Mary’s University College, and economist Michael Burke.

The conference will be brought to a close with comments from Ms Anderson.

A 25 strong delegation from across Ireland will travel to Brussels for today’s conference, including ‘Journal’ reporter Michael McMonagle.

Readers can get updates from the conference via Twitter via @mcmonagleDJ

See Friday’s ‘Journal’ for full coverage.