Meter installation begins in Inishowen

Water Meater. Photo: Michelle Ghee.
Water Meater. Photo: Michelle Ghee.

A number of estates across Inishowen have had water meters installed as Irish Water arrives in the peninsula.

Estates in areas such as Gleneely, Newtowncunningham, Manorcunningham and Bridgend, with reports there was a ‘stand-off’ between residents and Irish Water employees in the area of Ardmore Manor, Manorcunningham.

There have been concerns raised that residents in areas in which meters have been installed have failed to receive the required two weeks notice from the compnay.

Councillor Jack Murray told the ‘Journal’ he has received a number of calls from concerned residents about the issues and called upon Irish Water to ensure adequate notice was received before meters are installed.

Irish Water is required to deliver information packs to householders two weeks prior to the commencement of meter installation. These packs give householders full details of the metering process and what it entails.

Councillor Murray said he also understands that if a homeowners verbally tells a meter installer that do not want it on their property, they will not do so.

He said he has been told a window sign “will not be accepted.”

Colr. Murray said: “It is my understanding that if you tell the Irish Water employee verbally that you don’t want the meter, they won’t put it in. I also understand that the signs won’t be accepted by them.

“I am encouraging anyone who doesn’t want a meter to ensure they are at home, if at all possible, when they are being installed so that they can express their view. Irish Water have apologised to me for any failure to provide notification. I am calling on them to ensure this doesn’t happen again in Inishowen.”