Mindreader Meade meets three Christophers in Derry

AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION. . . .David Meade gets young Christopher Doherty involved in one his tricks during Tuesday night's event at Sacred Heart PS. DER0515MC030
AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION. . . .David Meade gets young Christopher Doherty involved in one his tricks during Tuesday night's event at Sacred Heart PS. DER0515MC030

He’s renowned for his amazing ability at mind reading and mentalism.

But a little known fact about David Meade is that he’s also a keen recycler.

David put on a special show at Sacred Heart Primary School, Waterside, on Tuesday night at an entertaining interactive event organised by Bryson Energy in conjunction with local community group, Hillcrest House.

But despite his powers at mind reading even David couldn’t have foretold that the three men he picked from the audience to take part would all have the name Christopher.

“Is there something going on in here you lot aren’t telling me,” he asked the assembled crowd.

David’s popular mind reading show is set to return to BBC One soon but in the mean time he’s become a much sought after speaker with a reputation for an innovative style that forces audiences to think critically about the challenges around them.

David revealed how he had once lived in Derry and was delighted to be back in the city where he once worked.

“Let’s have a bit of fun,” he said.

And David’s certainly not afraid to put his money where his mouth is, pledging £1,000 of his own money if he couldn’t read the mind of one member of the audience.

David also managed to correctly guess words chosen at random from three books he had brought along to the event.

And most of the participants in the show were chosen after a rolled up piece of paper was thrown from person to person in the room.

Pointing out that most householders receive an average of 848 pieces of junk mail every year, David said if all this was recycled, it would not have to go to landfill sites.

“We are trying to engage people,” said David. “But let’s face it, recycling is quite boring but I like it, and the key is to try and make it fun and interesting, trying to engage young and old and not preach at them.

“The worst thing you can do, and what some organisations have done up until now, is 2-3 hours with a power point, we are trying to deliver really simple messages.

“Just focus on the milk cartons, or the junk mail, let’s try that for a month and see how big the impact is. Once people start doing it it becomes part of life and you do it without thinking.

“Imagine, we had about 80 people here tonight, but if we all did it then it gets you into the habit of it. One month I kept together all the boxes we get from Amazon and the amount of cardboard was absolutely unbelievable.

“I am a good recycler, but that’s because my wife showed me how handy it is. You need one person in the house to become a champion for all and it becomes part of your behaviour, it used to be a bit of a hassle, now it is just part of what we do.

“If we all recycled it would be so much better. Remember for all we don’t sort, someone else has to do it.

Also encouraging the audience to get recycling, Geraldine Casey of Bryson Energy added that children can help with recycling and said it was easy for families to make a start by recycling plastic items such as milk cartons.

“The project aims to engage with householders in the community to promote recycling, increase recycling rates, and give hints and tips to change the householder’s habits and environmental behaviours in the home to help them save money,” she said.

David Meade will be back in Derry for a follow up event at Sacred Heart Primary School on Wednesday, March 11th at 7pm when there will be more prizes up for grabs.

Hillcrest House is working with Derry City Council to increase recycling in the area and it will be organisisng workshops and information stands in the Top of the Hill community until the end of March. These will be advertised through Hillcrest facebook.

To book your FREE place at the next David Meade event on Wednesday, 11th March at 7pm or register for more details please contact Geraldine Casey on 02871 273077 or e-mail gcasey@brysonenergy.org All welcome, but beware, when David performs,there is nowhere to hide so be prepared to become part of the show when he returns.