Minibar meets Culturetech in London

Attendee getting hands-on with technology at the recent CultureTECH London meet up.
Attendee getting hands-on with technology at the recent CultureTECH London meet up.

Derry CultureTECH in partnership with Honeycomb Creative Works has teamed up with Minibar as part of this year’s Digital Shoreditch festival programme to showcase some of Northern Ireland’s most exciting tech start-up companies.

The event was held in London on May 14th and highlights the wealth of creative talent this country has to offer within the digital sector. Honeycomb – Creative Works is part financed by the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund through the EU’s PEACE III Programme for Peace and Reconciliation managed by the Special EU Programmes Body.

The projects represented at Minibar included CADshare which enables engineering companies with a global footprint to deliver their infrastructure projects with agility and speed, by combining a powerful sharing portal with innovative tools for true engineering collaboration.

Leveraging the inherent talent in a global engineering team presents a significant challenge for many companies. CADshare believes centralised communications, data mobility and engineering context are the key to unlocking this potential.

CultureTECH themselves were represented. They host the largest technology and creative industries event in Northern Ireland, run one of the largest education outreach programmes and deliver a variety of innovation programmes across technology, the arts and social innovation.

They are also responsible for introducing Minecraft into every secondary school in the region.

Rotor is another company represented, which delivers a new method of music video production.

Without any knowledge of editing or production techniques, users can generate high quality videos in less than 30 minutes and at a fraction of the normal costs.

Upload your track, choose a video style from our catalogue, load in some video clips and go. Rotor does the rest.

Modern Democracy were the final takes the stress out of supplier management.

Modern Democracy offers a comprehensive range of services and consultancy packages to help electoral services professionals manage supplier information and reduce supply chain risk, as well as helping suppliers to manage compliance and improve their performance and efficiency.

Mark Nagurski from CultureTECH said: “This is actually our second event in London and we are delighted to be working with some amazing partners to make it happen.

“It’s hugely important for local companies to build awareness and networks in big markets like London and the event has been an amazing opportunity for the companies we’ve invited to do just that.

“Over 200 tech professionals from across Europe attended and from our perspective we’ve already seen the benefits with some amazing contacts made - many of whom will be joining us for the CultureTECH Festival in September.”

Chris Acheson said: “The event was a great opportunity for us to spread the word about CADshare to a wider audience.

“We were able to engage with potential investors and technical collaborators in London, and I expect great things to come of it.”