MLA encourages early US visa applications

People considering relocating to the US should get their visa application in as soon as possible, a Derry MLA has said.

The SDLP’s Pat Ramsey said: “The Diversity Visa lottery 2013 has opened and as the Department of State in the US is only accepting applications for a period of a month, I urge people to get their application in early.”

The deadline for application is November 5.

Mr Ramsey says Derry applicants should avoid using companies who charge to process applications.

“I also urge people to be aware of companies that charge for completing the forms for you. Officials at the Department of State have assured me that there is no need to use such companies,” he says.

Mr Ramsey also says he hoped people here would spread the word to loved ones living illegally in America.

More information on visa applications is available online at